PU Machine – Double Color/Double Head

PU Machine –
Double Color/Double Head

The simplest unit for the production of polyurethane soles/ shoes consists basically of two elements. A low pressure open pouring dispensing unit the mixer of which is attached at the end of a boom which can be moved from mould to mould by the operator and moulds carrier bracket (Conveyor) are arranged in a semicircle or Oval. The moulds openings are cloud are done by the operator.

The numbers of moulds this plant can accommodate from 30 to 100Nos. the hourly output range lies between 120 to 300 pairs per hours (240 to 400 pieces) minimum, depending on the model. Single layer soles as well as shoes can be manufactured. Because of their simplicity, those plants are the cheapest of the range of PU shoes sole plants.

Machine Components Advantages

  • Needle: Unique design, precise structure, wear-resistant, easy to disassembly and assembly, convenient for repair and maintain.
  • Mixing Head: Precise control of injection of PU materials, high evenness of different PU materials in mixture, high density and elasticity of PU products, smooth injection of mixture, low frequency of cleaning, long life of use.
  • Tank: Double layer of oil and hard PU material for heat insulation to make sure the material to worker under constant temperature. Furthermore, it saves energy and electricity comparing to other factories.
  • Pipe: The recycle oil around the pipe keeps the material temperature being constant.
  • Pump: High accuracy, efficient, high leak-tightness.


  •  Shoe Industry: Shoe parts: Shoes, boots(long boots, short boots, hiking boots, mountain boots, snow boots, solider boots, ) sports shoes, safety shoes, work shoes, leisure sports shoes, leisure leather shoes, warm shoes, high heel shoes, children shoes, baby shoes, sandals, slippers and so on ) Shoe Parts: Insoles, heals, out soles and so on.
  • Building Material: Decoration lines, artificial flowers, European style decoration parts and so on.
  • Daily Use Products: Toys pillows, bathing pillows, cushions, key decorative parts, sports protective things and so on.
  • Automobile Parts: Tires, air filters, steering wheel, seat, cushion, head cushion, arm rest, foot pad and so on.